How long does the delivery take?


Products sold on are delivered to the courier company within 10 working days. Shipment and delivery process may vary for personalized products (e.g. wedding candies, bachelorette party & wedding accessories, bridal shoes, invitations etc.), and delivery information for each product is available on the product page.


Products delivered to the courier company are estimated to reach the address within 3-5 working day in Europa, and 1 to 7 working days in other cities. Courier company will deliver your order to the specified address between 09:00 am and 06:00 pm on working days.


Do I pay a shipment fee when I receive a product I have purchased?


The shipment fee for your product is displayed as you accept the order and it is included in the total order amount upon your approval. Once your order arrives at your address, please do not pay any amount to the courier.


Do you ship products to all country city ?

Products you purchase on can be shipped to anywhere in World.


What if the courier company fails to reach me?


If the courier company cannot reach you, they will leave a "Communication Letter" at our address specifying contact details such as telephone and address. You can call the following

numbers to receive information about your package.


Which courier company is used for shipment of my purchase?


All purchases on are shipped by DHL .


What should I do when the product is delivered?


We would definitely recommend you to check the product when the courier is still at your location to see whether the product has any visible damage. If you find an issue at this stage,

we kindly ask you to have the courier prepare a “Damage Identification Report” and return the product with the same courier company without accepting the delivery. Once the courier

company informs about damaged product, return procedures are commenced and "product refund" is performed.


There are missing products in the package. What should I do? 


First, please crosscheck the products listed on the invoice with the products in the package. It could simply be a “partial delivery,” which allows the products to be packaged and sent separately. You can check shipping dates and product status from ‘Track Order’ page.

If you find your products to be missing, please e-mail [email protected] to inform us. We will quickly investigate the issue and send the missing products.


The product turned out to be defective during delivery. What should I do?


If the parcel is crushed, deformed, wet or damaged in any way, a 'Courier Damage Identification Report' must be issued. Otherwise, any 'damage reports' you submit will be rejected. Products listed in the identification report will be delivered to by the courier company, return procedures will commence and you will receive “product cost refund.”


What are the Product Delivery Terms?


Products sold on are subject to store availability. After being ordered by a customer, the product is checked for availability. Customers are informed and refunded for products that cannot be supplied due to unavailability in stocks.