How can I perform the payment? What payment methods are available?


Please select the most suitable payment method below for you to pay for products you wish to purchase.


1-Payment by Credit Card


Credit Card will appear as the default payment method when you proceed to the checkout screen. Please enter your credit card details by completing the relevant fields as shown on your credit card.


You can perform secure credit card payment by entering a "3D Secure" pass for the cards of banks that support such service. Please click "3D Secure" option for 3D payment.

What is 3D Secure?


3D secure is an authentication system developed by card issuers to perform online shopping in a secure way.

How does 3D Secure provide security?


As part of the 3D Secure system, the bank requires the card holder to provide a password that is known only to the holder who is accordingly authenticated during an online payment transaction. This way, unauthorized people are prevented from using your credit cards on the Internet.

How can I shop with 3D Secure?


When you click "Confirm Order" button, a form will appear depending on the bank to perform the transaction via the credit card. If the credit card used has not been registered in the 3D Secure system yet, an "Activation Form" is sent. When you details are verified by the bank, your order is confirmed.


ATTENTION: Your pop-up blockers must be disabled for the 3D Secure page to open.

2- Wire Transfer/EFT Payment 


You can perform payments via Wire Transfer/EFT from your bank account  for purchases from When you proceed to the checkout screen, please click Wire Transfer/EFT from the upper menu to perform Wire Transfer/EFT payment. You can transfer the total sum specified at the end of order via Wire Transfer/EFT to one of our available bank accounts of your choice. Below are our bank account details:



 Account Holder:

 Denovias Gelinlik Moda A.Ş.

 Account Number : 


 Branch Code :



 TR50 0006 7010 0000 0073 8550 95




: Please note that you must specify your order number in the explanation field when you perform a Wire Transfer/EFT transaction.


When the Wire Transfer/EFT transaction is complete, our specialists will process your order and email you to inform about the confirmation of your order.


Orders are canceled automatically if the Wire Transfer/EFT payment is not performed within 2 working days following your order placement. Please email [email protected] by including your order number and Wire Transfer/EFT details for us to confirm the orders in the case of payments without an order number in the explanation (e.g. transactions performed through bank ATMs).

Is payment in installments via credit card acceptable?


Payments in 6 installments are available for the Ziraat Bank and Yapı Kredi Bank credit cards on purchases made on