Everything started with a dream

     Turkey is a brand denovias. The attempt to realize the designs of our dreams, which started in a 50 m² workshop in 2010, enabled us to become a brand that exports to 23 countries in a short time. With an understanding that customer satisfaction and quality are prioritized, our company has only been doing wholesale so far. In 2016, it started retail sales in showrooms.

     What distinguishes the DeNovias brand from our competitors in the sector, apart from the importance it attaches to the quality and customer satisfaction, which makes it preferred abroad, is that the stores can meet the tailor-made sewing requests with zero problems. Our customers, who are our dealers, are given small repair and sales training with our professional teams twice a year. With the professionalism of the founder and his team, the training they have received, special sewing requests are made smoothly and sent to all parts of the world, regardless of the distance. And every stage of all customer orders is shared with images.

    As DeNovias, our aim in preparing our E-Commerce platform is to bring the products in the sector we serve not with intermediary companies, but with our valued customers on the e-commerce platform from the manufacturer. As a result, we guarantee the quality reliability of our products as DeNovias.

   As DeNovias brand, we will continue to serve this adventure, which we started with a dream, for many years without sacrificing customer satisfaction and quality, to be worthy of our valued customer.